IoT-Button "GET" or "AZURE" V2.1

IoT-Button "GET" or "AZURE" V2.1

Product no.: TX-IOT-20W

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The teXXmo IoT Button "AZURE" enables direct customer or workforce feedback into Azure. By a click of a button, you can send predefined messages to your cloud. Send information, such as presence of people, material or purchasing demand and react on this from Azure. The IoT Button offers instant feedback and integrates directly in all your Azure analysis and response tools.

The teXXmo IoT Button V2.1 "AZURE" is already preconfigured for Microsoft Azure™ and will seamlessly connect to Azure IoT™ in just a few clicks giving you simple access to the limitless compute and storage power of Microsoft Azure Cloud™.


What is Microsoft Azure™ ?
Microsoft Azure™ are cloud services that are constantly expanding to help businesses and organizations with business challenges. Users can create, manage, and deploy applications using their preferred tools and frameworks in a large global network.




Check out the teXXmo IoT-Button in Azure Certified for IoT device catalog.

Check out the teXXmo IoT-Button Source Code on GitHub.


The teXXmo IoT Button "GET" variant for HTML requests (GET) does not need a commercial Cloud solution.The actual configuration takes place on your own website. There you define what happens when the IoT button connects to the website. It can e.g. an e-mail genereiert and sent to different recipients. Or a new record is written to a database. The possibilities are endless.


The teXXmo IoT button is a small, handy hardware with which you can trigger an action at the press of a button. The IoT button connects to the WLAN and sends predefined data.


The GET IoT Button is simple to cofigure because it needs only one configuration parameter: the HTTP / HTTPS web call. An example of this could look like this:

Minimum order quantity: 2 pcs


pdf How do I connet the IoT Button with my WLAN?

pdf How do I connect the IoT Button with Microsoft Azure?

pdf How do I replace the batteries of my IoT Button?



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